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Still Life: Banksia Drive’s Cultivation of a Modern Rhizome

Found objects and flourishing ideas – a look at our creative ecosystem.

Words: Anna Hutchcroft
Photography: Jessie Prince

Still Life: Banksia Drive’s Cultivation of a Modern Rhizome

Jessie Prince and Jasmine Christie’s Still Life photo series is a visual testament to the rhizome. The rhizome, as conceptualised by philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, is a complex network that connects things in unexpected ways. It embodies a single, self-regulating system characterised by continuous growth and perpetual connection. Unlike roots that delve deep into a singular point, the rhizome thrives on lateral connections, forming a complex web of interdependencies. 

Banksia Drive Still Life

Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of the Byron Arts and Industry Estate, Banksia Drive emerges as a unique precinct. Inspired by the interconnectedness of the rhizome, Banksia Drive fosters an environment where makers and creators come together to weave their magic, nurturing a dynamic ecosystem of innovation.

The use of found objects in this photographic series, representative of the precinct's building materials, underscores the intertwined relationship between humans and their creations. Just as these materials find new life within the precinct, ideas blossom and transform through the collective energy of its inhabitants. According to Christie, “The creation of the Still Life series involved planting the seed of an idea and cultivating an environment for the creative process to root, sprout and bloom… Each assemblage was built through a process of natural unfurling.” 

"Cultivating an environment for the creative process to root, sprout and bloom."

Jasmine Christie

Banksia Drive cultivates an environment that evokes curiosity. Drawing inspiration from the resilience of the native flora, like the Banksia Robur, a symbol of strength and adaptability, and juxtaposing it with the angular shape of an unassuming concrete brick, Still Life acknowledges the unpredictable nature of innovation. The creative process is not a linear journey but a dance between intention and improvisation. Banksia Drive provides a fertile ground where ideas can take root and blossom, nurtured by collaboration, a shared passion for creativity, and an openness to the unexpected.

Banksia Drive Still Life

Drawing upon the symbiosis demonstrated by the rhizome and the insights put forth by these photographs, Banksia Drive aspires to be a haven for creative collaboration – a vibrant ecosystem where individuals and ideas can flourish. Banksia Drive is a modern rhizome – a testament to the power of collective imagination, fostering a space where innovation thrives, connections are established, and future possibilities are seeded.

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